Episode Choose Your Story Beginner Guide

Episode Choose Your Story- Beginner Guide

Want to create your own interesting story for others If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy in creating magnificent stories then through episode hack 2018 this, you will attain all the information regarding creating a fantastic story as well as some tips to help you out with the entire process.

How to Create a Story

To start, the episode app is an android and iOS storytelling network, which offers interactive Hollywood-caliber stories. Along with this, fabricating a story in Episode- Choose Your Story is really convenient, and creators have given the guys behind the game two ways to choose, and all you need is choose the one path in order to make the story interesting. It is the world’s largest community of interactive stories as well as storyteller and over 4 billions of episodes viewed on Episode app till now. User can play the game from any sorts of device such as android, iOS etc.
Furthermore, download the game in your device in order to commence the game. Afterwards, the game required Facebook account login or Google account login to save the gamers profile. Once user done with the login process, the game system will commence and get you to start making your own story. However, on the computer gameplay of this Episode game is little bit difficult, that’s why try to play the game on mobile phones. To create the story, open the app and press the top left tree lines of the screen to open the menu. Scroll down till end and choose the “Create” option to launch the story editor mode. From here user can enjoy fabricating a new story. Most importantly, gamers can also publish the story after completion.

Tips For Parents Regarding Game

Episode- Choose your story game episode hack is based on interactive stories written by creator or by the users themselves. The game user must be minimum 13-year-old or older than this age children, that’s because, in the game content mostly on dating, romance and sexual behavior as well as underage drinking and obsession with the plenty of little things. This can cause a bad impact on them. With the enhancement in the level, players will find many things as rewards in the form of gems in order to encourage them. They can also purchase many things with the gems to create the story without waiting for three hour pause in the game.

Earn Coins And Gems With Ease In Golf Clash

Earn Coins And Gems With Ease In Golf Clash

You must be amazed by the fact that gaming industry becomes worth billions dollars as there are so many games released every year. Golf clash is a golf simulation game that is all about taking part in 1v1 matches and other tournaments. People can download it free of cost. They can also spend money as if they need resources. Gem is premium item and coin is common but coin is vital to upgrade cards and taking part in matches. The 1v1 matches are the reason behind popularity of game. There aren’t any kinds of moves or other factors. This is unique game in all kind of it and the basic purpose is to align a shot and hit on right speed. Excessive energy can take the golf ball to away from desired area. The same goes for less power that’s why try to keep this major factor in mind.

What’s exciting in Golf Clash Hack ?

As you win a match then you earn coins and chests. The exciting factor is that, the fewer you hit and the more you increase the chances of winning. There are various factors that make this game unique and more favorable among new generation. The smartphone gaming is completely changed and golf clash’s simulation is the new example of it. There are coins and gems that are required in the purchase of club and if you get a rough iron then it perform well in rough areas as well as in others. he said You can unlock it with ease but try to be selective while choosing the right club. Try to collect coins and gems to get the desired club and gold balls. It can be hard in beginning and anyone can get rid of such issues. Now, earning coins and gems are essential factors to consider. Don’t rush while hitting the ball because most of gamers end up hitting the ball in wrong direction. In such conditions, it is better to come back to right zone first and then trying other thing.

How To Get Gems?

There are two currencies in the game and gem is premium but do you know that how to get it in higher amount. Well, the basic method is to get through chests. On the other hand, there are few more methods like you can try by spending a little time winning golf matches and getting wooden chests. The free chests provided are better and so much helpful. If all these methods don’t work for you then the last one is achievement. You can try completing tasks that are given in achievements and collecting gems with ease. There are very few methods and you can use these to get the benefits. Some hack tools can help but it can be harmful to rely on such methods so try to find right one or spend the real money to get sufficient amount of resources. Try out started packages because these are cheap and helpful in getting a boost.

Arena Of Valor And Strategies To Win

Arena Of Valor Hack strategies to win

MOBA games are the latest trend and there are lots of players who prefer to play them on the daily basis. You can take the example of Arena of valor game. This game is full of fun and many interesting characters are there. There is no limit of activities that you can perform in it. You can take an active part in the fighting and battles. You can also update the characters and give them review special superpowers. The best part is that on the daily basis lots of its features are updated. In order to make this game more interesting and challenging, many characters are added to this regularly. This is a real-time game which means millions of players are there who are just waiting for you. You can challenge them and win battles to demonstrate your great gaming skills.

Make friends

There is hardly anything more interesting that buy a player by spending the gaming currency. The gaming currency is available in the form of gold. Gems, gold cards, player card many more things are also there which are quite significant for the progress in this game. You can earn them by taking an active part in various types of events also. In case you are ready to spend the real world money then you can also buy them from the in-game gem shop as well. There are amazing tips and tricks also available which can also be a great help for you.

Start earning gold

In order to stand in a better position, the player is expected to earn more and more gold. This can also be done by adding lots of friends. Arena of valor game also allows sending gold to your friends. Certainly, there are some limits to the amount but this can be very helpful at the time of emergency need. You can ask your friends to give you some gold points and later you can also return. In order to use this feature, you must have good friends on your list. As a strategy of getting gold, you can add more and more friends. Here it is noticeable fact that your friends must be active enough to send you some gold points.

Stay active in events

You can also get great rewards by taking active parts in some events which are organized time to time. Events are not fixed and you will certainly get something every time you take part in them. But you never know about the lucky day when you can win lots of gold and other rewarding points for you. Gold, gem, trail player pack cards are some of the rewards which can be very beneficial for you in your gameplay. It is also quite possible that with the advent of time, developers can introduce an event where you can get the opportunity to win lots of gold.
There is no hard and fast rule of winning because the world of “Arena of valor” game is dynamic. Everything keeps changing very fast. But these are some very great tips which you can always follow to have better chances of winning.

Mobile Legend Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Mobile Legend Cheats, Tips and tricks

You may have seen many gamers who own millions of game currency and they are progressing with ease with the use. Well, this is same for Mobile legend that is an popular development from Moonton studios. This is an awesome game but it has the issue with resources. Developers are offering very less methods to earn battle points and gems. Basically, most of gamers spend the real money on the purchases and get rid of everything but this isn’t same for every other gamer. Not every gamer is able to spend money. So what can be the solution to it? Mobile Legend hack is the best tool that is capable of providing millions of BP and diamonds for free. Anyone can get the benefit of this tool.

Using Mobile Legends Hack

If you are going to use mobile legend hack and get rid of every single thing then make sure that you use the right one generator. You can find many websites that are providing hack tools but most of them are fraudulent and it can be risky to use. In this condition, you should look for the best program that is safe to use and lots of people have gained benefit of it. Most probably, the reviews can help in finding the right one and it is easy also. Just visit some of the tools and check out the reviews of previous users as it can provide detail about effectiveness, features, safety and other things. You should stay selective in approach and most of the experts recommend safety first.

Expert Reviews

In order to learn good things and methods, the expert reviews come handy as it can help in getting basic information about making tactics and winning over opponent. Beginner can find so many tips and most of them are good for intermediate levels as well as for beginners. Most of the expert gamers suggest spending money on micro transactions offered by the game or they suggest to use generator tool. Well, generator is better as it is free and accessible by everyone so you can get the benefit of it. You should try to stay safe by keeping some of the important facts in mind and don’t forget to keep precautions that are provided by the generator.

Features of view website

Mobile legend hack offer so many things that can ease up the work of getting free resources. There is no need to visit the official website of a generator as a genuine generator is server based. On the other hand, there is no money required and the number of use provided in unlimited. This is one of the good features because you can grab resources anytime, anywhere and in any amount. Jailbreak and root are the common requirement with spam tools but this isn’t the issue here because you won’t have to root or jailbreak your device to get the benefit of this program. These are some of the common benefits and you can grab these with ease.

Lets Check Out Important Tips And Tricks About Pixel Gun 3D

Let’s Check Out Important Tips pixel gun 3d cheats And Tricks About Pixel Gun 3D


Pixel Gun 3D is one of the most played games and also has a significant place in the heart of game lovers. This is the first person shooter game which has a mixture of weapons and zombies. There are many players who are playing it for the first time and also don’t have sufficient knowledge about the game. The game is all about choosing the characters and weapons to kill the zombies and animals. There are different levels that you have to complete to earn rewards and also to level up in the game. There are various maps and you should check out each map at least one time to have an idea about the different locations.

In that way, you can find out the various locations with ease and also in a simple manner. This will also help you to kill the zombies without making more efforts. recommended site You also need to know about the safe locations which are beneficial to stay alive for a long time in the game without getting caught by the zombies.
Goals of the players

If you are playing this game then you have three main goals at every stage that you have to complete for earning stars. As you know that the main task of the players is to kill zombies so you can earn one star by killing the zombies. Players who earn to earn the second star then they need to make a focus on the game and to kill them as soon as possible. By killing the zombies quickly help them to earn the second star. The third star is little difficult to earn for which you have to concentrate more on the game. Killing the zombies without having any damage will allow you to earn the third star.

Online Credit Card Payments – Safe or Risky?

Online credit card payments have just as many risks and safety as in-store credit card transactions. It seems scarier since the customers cannot see who are doing the transactions and they don’t know where their card numbers are going. But this is also similar to people handing over their credit cards to the waiters in restaurants or the retail clerks in stores. People also give their card numbers to travel agents when they book flights, to hotel personnel when they book rooms in hotels or to delivery personnel when they want food delivered to their home – all over the phone. It’s just that many people have put their card numbers into insecure and shady websites thus have become victims of fraud over the internet.

When people hand over their credit cards to personnel in a store or a restaurant, they become more vulnerable to skimming especially when they bring the cards to the back rooms. Anyone who has a camera phone in the back room can easily take a picture and steal any customer’s credit card number. This can happen in any place accepting card payments including gas stations. So sending your card online is pretty safe since no human gets to see the card information. It goes straight to a computer software that encrypts the card information.

People must always remember to make card online payments to professional businesses that they already know of and that they trust. These professional and reputable companies usually use a credit card system that has software that will encrypt the customer’s card number so it is not readable when it is sent over the internet. And once the customer’s card number is stored on the merchant’s computer, it will be secured and the card information will be safely kept with them. Since the risk of exposure for card information is lesser over the internet, this increases the information security and lessens the risk and likelihood of identity theft.

So when you make a card payment online, make sure you are on a secure site. Secure sites start with So take note of the “s”. And make sure you trust the website that you are on. Websites that are not familiar and whose designs look makeshift may be questionable. Trusted merchants handle e-commerce well and have a trusted card gateway such as Authorize.net. Simple Card Payments is a program that makes Authorize.net work for merchant websites and assures that card payments online are made easy and safe for both customers and the merchants.